Innovation at Canopy

We leverage best-in-class consumer insights to guide our innovations and product development – enabling us to meet existing needs, while also surprising and delighting consumers with new, quality products from trusted brands.


Using our cutting-edge data, analytics, and insights, we work hard to know our consumers better than anyone else and cultivate experiences that make a difference in their lives. We analyze how our consumers interact with our brands and the world to understand how they make purchasing decisions and identify their core needs.



Innovation is the process and technology that brings our insights to life. At Canopy, we are pioneering a revolutionary approach to directly meet consumers’ needs by creating specific desired effects – including formulas to help consumers connect, focus, manage stress, unwind, and sleep.



We use our insights and innovations to define and redefine relationships with cannabis by building brands that consumers know, love, and ask for by name. Offering products that unleash the power of cannabis, we are unlocking its properties to improve lives and are delivering best-in-class cannabinoid-based effects through the highest-quality products on the market.



Our vision of unleashing the power of cannabis to improve lives applies equally well to our pets who’s lives we are striving to improve through evidence-based CBD therapies, rigorous research and development, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and exhaustive product testing for purity, safety and efficacy. We work closely with the veterinary community, regulatory authorities and leading scientists to achieve our research objectives and to push CBD science forward, ethically and responsibly. We see a tremendous opportunity to change the way we help pets live more comfortably. From leading-edge research to determine CBD efficacy and safety to state-of-the-art manufacturing and extraction, we are committed to supporting veterinarians and pet owners in ways that are backed by science and meet the highest quality standards.