Innovation at Canopy


We are pioneering a revolutionary approach based around new cannabis formulas aimed at helping consumers connect, focus, manage stress, unwind, and sleep. Our innovation team focuses on plant science, genetics, breeding, device innovation and more to develop cannabis products we are familiar with; from infused beverages to THC vapes to stress-relieving skincare with calming cannabinoid properties.

We don’t have transition time anymore,” said Cohen. Not long ago, our days were broken up by leaving the home or commuting, and we now have “a two-minute commute downstairs where on a call with our boss our dog shows up,” he said. “We are moving way too fast between mood states, and we need help with that. Cannabis can help.”


Using our cutting-edge data, analytics, and insights, we work hard to know our consumers better than anyone else and create experiences that make a difference in their lives.

We analyze scientific research in combination with consumer data to introduce innovative products that target what consumers desire – sometimes before they may even realize what they are in fact looking for.


Canopy Growth and its medical division Spectrum Therapeutics advance a range of research initiatives aimed at furthering the understanding of – and unleashing – the full potential of cannabis.

Canopy Growth has conducted research into the long-term impacts of CBD, as well as the potential for cannabinoids to displace other less desirable drugs in long-term care, while also exploring the role cannabis can play in helping people with opioid use disorder stay on their treatment plans. Through Spectrum Therapeutics, we undertook the important work of identifying the tolerability and safety of cannabinoids in cats and dogs to help determine appropriate dosing levels.

Canopy Growth Professorship of Cannabis Science

The Canopy Growth Professorship of Cannabis Science is held by Dr. M-J Milloy and looks at the potential for cannabis in addressing the overdose crisis and the possible benefits of cannabis as a legitimate therapeutic treatment for substance use. Read more about recent research here.

Long-Term Impacts of CBD

We have completed and published a study on the long-term effects of cannabidiol (CBD), specifically focusing on toxicity and lifespan effects of CBD in the preclinical model C. elegans. This study represented the first long-term toxicity and lifespan research regarding the effects of chronic exposure to CBD.

Long-Term Care

Medical cannabis is coming into the Long-Term Care (LTC ) sector like a wave, and in response, we have enrolled more than 500 LTC residents in a study that aims to improve awareness on the potential uses of medical cannabis to displace other, potentially less-desirable therapeutics for both pain, sleep, behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia in long-term care settings. There are currently more than 20 LTC facilities participating in the study across Canada.