Spectrum Therapeutics
(Maseru, Lesotho)

In Lesotho, Spectrum Therapeutics was granted a medical production licence covering two facilities in the country, including 21 million sq. ft. of outdoor grow space and 322,000 sq. ft. of indoor, outdoor and greenhouse space combined, respectively, where CBD dominant and CBD-THC balanced varieties can be cultivated. With these licensed areas, Spectrum Therapeutics now owns one of the largest legal outdoor CBD cultivation sites on the continent of Africa, some of which is currently operational. In 2017, Lesotho was the first African nation to legalize medical cannabis. The mountainous kingdom boasts over 300 days of sunshine per year resulting in ideal humidity and growing conditions for greenhouse cultivation. Along with very low operating and resource costs, this places Spectrum Therapeutics in a position to produce large quantities of high-quality cannabis at a low cost. Lesotho is also strategically positioned in relation to South Africa. This opens up the potential market of South Africa, which has a population of over 55 million people and is currently developing medical cannabis laws and regulations.