Leaders in Access


                    Canopy Growth is committed to improving access to affordable legal cannabis products through product and format innovation available to our medical customers through the Spectrum Therapeutics store.

Spectrum Therapeutics aims to improve the lives of patients around the world by giving them access to a variety of cannabis products for their medical needs. Spectrum Therapeutics’ commitment to best-in-class customer service is evident in all their programs, including their Compassionate Pricing Promise which helps qualifying customers access medication at more affordable prices and their Veteran Affairs Canada direct billing service ensuring that coverage for Veterans is seamless. 

In Canada, the Spectrum Therapeutics Find a Healthcare Professional program uses the services of Apollo Cannabis Clinics, which specializes in medical cannabis, to connect customers with Healthcare Professionals who can authorize the use of medical cannabis, when appropriate. 

Pair these programs with their ongoing medical research investments, and it’s easy to see that Spectrum Therapeutics is raising the bar on therapy and outcomes for patients everywhere.

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