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Canopy Growth is committed to improving access to legal cannabis products. From enhancing the breadth of products and brands available to our customers through the Spectrum Therapeutics Online Store to providing businesses with access to capital, expertise, distribution, and brand awareness via CraftGrow, we see access as both a priority and opportunity for continued growth.

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Spectrum Therapeutics aims to improve the lives of patients around the world by giving them access to a variety of cannabis products for their medical needs. Spectrum Therapeutic’s commitment to best-in-class customer service is evident in all their programs, including their Compassionate Pricing Promise which helps qualifying customers access medication at more affordable prices, their Veteran Affairs Canada direct billing service ensuring that coverage for Veterans is seamless, and their Oil Product Guarantee, which provides patients with a 10% discount on equivalent softgel/oil products should they sell out of another. Pair this with their ongoing medical research investments, and it’s easy to see that Spectrum Therapeutics is raising the bar on therapy and outcomes for patients everywhere.

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The Spectrum Therapeutics Care Centre handles inbound and outbound communications from existing and prospective medical cannabis customers from across the country. Our best-in-class team provides industry-leading support, processes customer registrations in record time, and constantly evolves and grows along with our customer-base. Voted “Contact Centre of the Year” in the 2017 Ottawa Regional Contact Centre Awards of Excellence, and prior to that, Best Customer Service by the Canadian Cannabis Awards, our team facilitates access to medical cannabis through demonstrated excellence in customer service.

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CraftGrow is our commitment to bring our customers the best variety of cannabis from the best producers in Canada, no matter what their size. For new producers, having access to the largest group of registered patients in the country can go a long way towards building brand awareness. From coast to coast, we’ll support and showcase the talent of growers across Canada. This goes hand-in-hand with our dedication to curating diverse cannabis products that are readily available to our customers.


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Bodystream is Canada’s leading medical cannabis service provider, offering compassionate and comprehensive service to patients approved for the use of medical cannabis all across Ontario. Abiding by Health Canada’s Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations, our team of doctors and support staff are able to help individuals every step of the way towards obtaining medical cannabis to treat their conditions or illnesses.


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Apollo Applied Research is dedicated to identifying the most effective strains of medical cannabis for patients suffering with chronic pain as well as many other medical conditions. Apollo offers an evidence based approach to treating patients with medical cannabis by running two of Canada’s largest medical cannabis studies. Apollo’s continuing research helps better evaluate the benefits of medical cannabis and allows Apollo to discover and better understand the most effective strains for each condition. Apollo has been conducting clinical research on chronic pain since 2014 and in March of 2016 Apollo launched its newest study analyzing the effects of medical cannabis on patients with PTSD. Apollo’s research has been published in multiple medical journals and is regularly called upon to present at medical seminars and conferences including the Clinical Research Association of Canada.