Are you looking for meaningful, dynamic, and challenging opportunity at the forefront of a rapidly growing industry? As a leading global cannabis company and industry pioneer, Canopy Growth provides opportunities for a wide range of people, skillsets, and backgrounds who are dedicated to making a positive impact on the world.

We are always searching for exceptional talent and we support career development and acknowledge as well as reward the contributions of our people.

If you are passionate about the benefits of cannabis, then you’ve come to the right place. Together, we can unleash the power of cannabis to improve lives.

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Our Vision


Our mission is an expression of what we value, and what we’re building towards.

At Canopy, we are channeling the power of this extraordinary plant – to build an organization made with intention and defined by purpose, serving as a new model for a transformational industry.

Our work starts with understanding our consumer better than anyone else. We leverage best-in-class insights to guide our innovations, creating authentic brands and high-quality products that are loved for their deep connection to human desires and needs.

Our vision comes to life through our objectives: harnessing the power of the plant, building a best-in-class CPG company, and fostering a purpose-driven atmosphere.

These objectives push us to take on big challenges, to live our ideals, and to fight for the meaningful changes we know are possible. With an approach grounded in our responsibility – to use cannabis to build a better world, to inspire our team members, and to advance social justice – we are focused on achieving our ambitious goals.


Canopy Growth manufactures a wide range of products including cannabis flower, vapes, edibles, beverages, and gummies, in addition to world-class vaporizer devices, skincare products, and sports performance beverages. We are proud to hire a wide range of diverse employees hailing from all backgrounds and if you’re interested in contributing to our mission of unleashing the power of cannabis to improve lives, click here to learn more about our current openings. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our Guiding Principles

Own It

We are all leaders, responsible for making the best choices and taking accountability for our own actions. We think critically, evaluate our options, and invest where we see valuable returns. We succeed by taking smart risks and applying lessons learned to get sh*t done.

Listen and share

We engage early and often in healthy, honest, and objective conversations. We challenge one another, collaborating across our Canopy team, to get to the best answer. Our perspective is cultivated through our diverse opinions and consumers’ voice.

Catch people doing things right

We make a conscious effort to celebrate continuous improvement. We recognize those who earn their success and achieve results. We inspire passion and actively show appreciation for those who go above and beyond, having fun along the way.


Grow good together

Being a part of, and investing in, community is central to who we are. We believe in our collective potential to create change, infuse awesomeness, and positively impact the lives and wellbeing of our communities; we promote responsible use while building a sustainable future where our consumers, community members, and our business can thrive.

Shatter Barriers

We’re fueled by being our consumers’ number one choice. We achieve success by delivering innovative and quality products that exceed our consumers’ desires. At Canopy, “good enough” doesn’t exist, so we continue to push boundaries. We do all of this together –playing and winning as one Canopy team.

NOTE: We do not make recruitment approaches via social media platforms and will never ask for you to disclose personal information such as your banking details or require you to purchase gift cards as part of our recruitment process.

If you have concerns about the validity of a career opportunity you have been approached on, please email us at confirming the following details:

  • the date and time of contact
  • the social media or direct channel on which you were contacted
  • the name of the person who contacted you
  • the role you were contacted regarding
  • the level of personal information you provided
  • the original email/chat/web page that was used to contact you included as an attachment