Canopy Growth is a Leading Global Cannabis Company.

About Canopy USA

Dedicated to unleashing the power of cannabis to improve lives, our vision is an expression of what we value, and what we’re building towards. We are channeling the power of this extraordinary plant – to build an organization made with intention and defined by purpose, serving as a new model for a transformational industry.


Canopy Growth has announced plans to fast-track entry into the United States cannabis market and capitalize on this once-in-a-generation opportunity.

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About Canopy Growth

Canopy is a world leading cannabis company focused on unleashing the power of cannabis to improve lives. From supporting personal wellness to fostering economic opportunity and striving towards social justice, Canopy is showcasing the capacity of cannabis as a force for good.

Cannabis for every consumer

At Canopy, we are unlocking the properties of cannabis to improve lives by offering high-quality products with best-in-class cannabinoid effects. Rooted in a belief that every moment in the day can be enhanced by the tailored use of cannabinoid products, we are redefining experiences with cannabis and demonstrating the true potential of this powerful plant.

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