Canopy Growth's Response to COVID-19

Canopy Growth takes the health of its employees, customers, and communities seriously. We are monitoring the rapidly-evolving COVID-19 situation and continue to make decisions based on the guidance of public health authorities.

What is Canopy doing to ensure products are safe during the COVID-19 pandemic?

As a licensed producer, we follow the strictest cleanliness guidelines. This means full Personal Protection Equipment, working in sterilized production spaces, and ensuring that no one feeling symptoms of illness is permitted to enter our production facility.

Employees who handle products wear surgical masks, gloves, and have dedicated production clothes, and clean room overalls for use in pharmaceutical environments. All manufacturing rooms within the facility are HEPA filtered and under positive pressure. Cleaning intervals have been increased and we use ATP swabs to make sure every surface throughout the facility is being cleaned properly.

What can consumers do to limit the potential for transmission of COVID-19 as they consume?

Consumers should avoid sharing inhalation devices and should treat all products, whether inhaled or ingested, as if you were handling food – wash your hands thoroughly prior to handling, and limit product contact with surfaces. Products should be stored in a place at low risk for contamination, and all cannabis devices and accessories should be cleaned regularly with alcohol or soap and water, according to manufacturer recommendations where applicable.