Newest offerings include Hiway Cones unrolled joint kits – perfect for grab-and-go summer adventures, and two limited edition SKUs under the 7ACRES Craft Collective banner

SMITHS FALLS, ON, June 20, 2023 – Canopy Growth Corporation (“Canopy Growth” or the “Company”) (TSX: WEED) (NASDAQ: CGC), a world-leading diversified cannabis company, today announced the launch of seven new flower product offerings from the Hiway, 7ACRES Craft Collective, Doja, and Tweed brand portfolios.

“We’re proud to introduce several high-quality new flower offerings for Canadian consumers,” said Dave Paterson, President, Canada, Canopy Growth. “These new products reflect our commitment to our post-harvest activities ensuring that top-quality cannabis makes it into the hands of our consumers.”

New products rolling out this summer under Canopy Growth’s flower portfolio are as follows:

Hiway: Hiway Cones unrolled joint kits are available in two SKUs – Slow Lane Indica and Fast Lane Sativa.  These convenient kits come fully equipped with everything needed to seamlessly craft a joint, including 15 pre-rolled cones and 14g of pre-milled flower with 18-24% THC, carefully cultivated to bring quality at a great price and are perfect for those who love the idea of packing their own joints but want the convenience of having everything needed at their fingertips.

7ACRES Craft Collective: Through a partnership with Alberta-based UpRyze Cannabis Ltd., 7ACRES Craft Collective introduces two limited edition new SKUs, Do-Si-God OG flower and Grand Master Funk flower. Do-Si-God OG Indica features an intense sweet and gassy aroma, is high in terpenes with 31.43% THC and 2.35% Terpenes. Every jar is packed with beautiful light green nugs with hues of deep purple that are caked in trichomes. Highly pungent sweet overtones accented by gassy and minty undertones fill the room when you crack the jar open. Hang dried and hand trimmed, the Do-Si-God OG flower is crafted from Godfather OG x Do-Si-Dos genetics and is available in whole flower 3.5g and 14g packages for a limited time in Alberta. The Grand Master Funk Indica lot was selected by 7ACRES Craft Collective for its intense funk forward aroma, high THC, and high terpenes. With 35.64% THC and 2.54% Terpenes, jars are packed with forest green nugs that are caked in trichomes. Highly pungent funky garlic overtones accented by earthy chem, and lemon cookie undertones fill the room when you crack the jar open. With Grand Master Kush x GMO genetics, the flower is indoor craft grown in a small batch, hand trimmed and masterfully cured. Whole flower in 3.5g packages are available for a limited time in Ontario.

DOJA: Doja OG Deluxe Top Colas is our first Top Cola launch and is a premium hand finished offering. Each package includes approximately two to three dense buds of dried cannabis flower and packages are available in a 14g format. The largest, most beautiful, dense, and trichome-rich OG Deluxe buds are selected from the top of the plant and carefully hand-packed for a truly elevated premium experience and to ensure only the best and biggest buds are included. OG Deluxe is a high-THC hybrid strain, bred from a unique lineage, with a terpene profile highlighted by dominant amounts of Terpinolene and ß-Caryophyllene, resulting in a first-class product and the flower features a fruity, gassy, and spicy aroma and is consistently high in THC at 26-30%.

TWEED: Tweed Quickies introduces Deep Breath Pre-Rolled Joints, available in a 10×0.35g package. Hang dried and shipped with a Boveda Pack for extra freshness, this high THC hybrid strain has berry notes and comes from the Alien Breath x (GG#4xMendo Breath) lineage. With 22-28% THC, these pre-rolled joints are an easy grab-and-go to accompany that movie night, concert, or cooking in the kitchen. For those who love the art of rolling their own joints, Deep Breath is available in whole flower 3.5g and 28g packages.

Tweed is also introducing Kush Mints hybrid quickies pre-rolled joints. These earthy, minty high THC hybrid pre-rolls come with 20-26% THC and are available in a 10×0.35g package. Shipped with a Boveda humidity-controlled package to preserve flavour and flower freshness, with Animal Mints and Bubble Kush lineage, Kush Mints quickies are an easy go to for the consumer looking for both quality and simplicity. Kush Mints is also available in 3.5g and 28g whole flower packages.

These new offerings are available for purchase via legal recreational cannabis e-commerce channels and retail locations in select regions. THC and CBD ranges may vary. See product packaging for accurate levels. Terpene amounts may vary on a per lot basis due to the natural variability of cannabis plants. For more information, please visit Hiway, Tweed, Doja, and 7ACRES.

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